Help support Blair Cottrell

Blair Cottrell leader of the UPF is facing charges against him by the state of Victoria for criticising Islam and trying to warn the residents of Bendigo about the horrors of Islam.

Other then 6 months inprisonment for a figurehead of the patriot movement, this will set a standard for what anyone including yourself can be charged with for publicly cirtising Islam or anything else the egalitarians and cultural marxists disagree with.

Setting up a paypal account only takes two minuits and every donation will help as he is looking at an expensive battle in court to ensure his freedom and not allow a state victory which could impare your own freedom of expression if its sucessfull.

If you are unable to donate please share this on your social media as the UPF have had their facebook removed as a way of censoring them  please donate here.



What this blog is all about

We have received a lot of emails from people feeling alone with their veiws or not knowing how to support the growing movement, this blogs intention is to advertise events ,grassroot nationalism, groups that are promoting our cause.

Attending them will support the growing movement, allow you to meet like minded people and get a better understanding of what is happening to this once beautiful nation of ours.

Groups and partys with a good message will be promoted and supported here , bookmarks this blog for regular updates and informative content.

For if we work together we can secure a better tomorrow like our Anzacs did for us.

Feel free to contact us any time if there is something you want help promoting or have a question.